Confidential therapy for dealing with Unhappiness, Depression, Anxiety, Abuse, Relationships, Grief and Mental Health Issues.

Psycotherapy equips you to develop self awareness and personal empowerment to move through issues causing suffering or unhappiness, in a confidential and safe enviroment.

When was the last time that someone truly listened to you?

When have you felt supported and respected, unconditionally?

When was the last time you had space to fully express your feelings?

When you are given this space you may be surprised at what you discover beneath your feelings. When you become clearer about what you feel, the step forward begins to naturally unfold. Within you is the wisdom and resources to become the person you know you could be, and live a life more true to you. I am here to help you uncover your authentic self. This is the secret to managing stress, and creating happiness in your life. It is always an honour for me to enter with you in this process, and support you on your personal journey.